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Consciously crafted for happy skin.

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Pure & powerful botanicals
for the skincare minimalist

    Clean Ingredients • Cruelty-Free & Vegan • Sustainably Sourced

Consciously Crafted

At Good Stems we believe in “less is more” skincare. That’s why we set out to craft simple, clean, and sustainably sourced botanical blends for happier skin.

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Clean & Simple

We vow to keep it simple and only use the highest quality, sustainably sourced ingredients for our skincare.

Our Ingredients

Earth Friendly

We always have Mother Earth on our mind. Our decisions today will have impact beyond our generation and that’s powerful. We designed all of our products and shipping practices to please the planet and reduce the footprint we leave behind.


We’re so happy you’re happy!

Happier skin is just under the surface and we'd love to see and hear how you are enjoying our consciously crafted botanical blends.

"The best face oil I’ve used by far!! I add about 5 drops to my moisturizer or just apply it straight to my face and my skin loves it! It has never caused any type of irritation like other oils I’ve used in the past and gives me an amazing glow ✨, I love it!"

- Juliana M.

"Love this oil! My skin tends to have very sensitive reactions to different oils and serums so its always a roll of the dice. Marula Moment is gentle and feels really nice going on. It does a good job of locking in moisture, pairs well with the other face products I use and improves the look of makeup application. Big fan!"

- Kieley S.

"I really liked how the product absorbs into my skin and doesn't leave any oily look. And I love that it is all natural! Would absolutely recommend :)"

- Chris M.

"My first CBD skin product and I love it! The Marula facial oil is a crucial step in my skincare routine. I have a day/night routine that I stick to and I use this weekly or as needed when my skin feels extra dry. There is a definite glow up once applied, great for sensitive skin, and you can use as little as you need and it goes a long way. I even use it on the ends of my heat-processed hair as an added bonus."

- Kaleigh M.

"My skin type is dry to very dry. Daily use of Good Stems has kept my skin feeling moisturized and healthy. The formula is lightweight and is essential in my skincare routine. I also like that it's great to add before makeup application. Awesome product!"

- Denae M.

"I have been using the Jojoba face oil for quite some time now and I have to say that it's one of the few products that doesn't cause me to breakout. I use it as part of my night routine and it has definitely helped my skin stay hydrated plus I noticed that my skin looks more healthier and brighter in the morning."

- Linda W.

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